Wednesday, October 20, 2010

this cowboy

As I was preparing some photobooks for the 10th Annual Burns Family Roping, I came across Dad's Christmas present in 2007. A photo book filled with family memories concluded with this poem I scripted. Just wanted you to have a glimpse of my very special father...

We live our lives from day to day,
Many people come and go.
But there is more to life than just livin,
Something one cowboy could really show.

He rises early in the morning,
Many horses and cattle to feed,
Never forgets to talk with the Lord,
And kiss mother before he leaves.

His boots are lined by the door with care,
And his hat hangs on the wall.
Then a clanging from his spurs,
We all know this is daddy's call.

You see, he is more than just a cowboy,
A preachin' cowboy, at that,
He is a man after God's own heart,
A man of many hats.

He mends the feet of horses,
And nurses the sickly calves,
Even the baby kittens have a home,
Thanks to dear old dad.

He is an interceder for the land,
A teacher to the congregation,
A discerner for his family,
His fathers prayer manifestation.

Without God, this cowboy would be nothing,
So he gives praise to his Creator,
And unconditional love to his family,
They could wish for nothing greater.

I love you, Dad.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

good morning!

This SWEET face is wishing you a happy Tuesday!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

In "Chia pet" style...

Dre - Dre - Dre - DREYA!
...she is growing like a chia pet for sure.
how can you resist this face? :)
the short-lived era of being on the furniture

we measure her by floor tiles these days

a biiiiig stretch!

in action...she loves sniffing the countertops for something yummy

alas, the happy dog-owners