Sunday, November 29, 2009

CHS 10-yR ReUNioN

Comanche High School
It keeps the Golden Rule
In all Dixie Land
There's none quite so grand
As our own dear high school

They say that days will come
When we are far away
That wherever we stray
We'll come back someday
To our own dear Comanche High School

...I did stray quite a ways, but returned 10 years later to my own dear Comanche High School! How could anyone resist
"Country Living at its Best"?

Wow. I can't believe 10 years has gone by. FAST. High school was a delight for me and I loved reminiscing through my high school yearbook. The "remember whens" and "In 10 years..." proved to be entertaining as I prepared a few memory lane games for the weekend. Too bad that was about all I prepared. Being the class president, it was my duty to plan the whole weekend. Uh...yeah. That didn't happen :(. In the midst of a busy job, a fall semester minus my boss and another employee (=super busy), planning a wedding and honeymooning...I just didn't have a lot of free time to plan all I wanted to do!

You know me...I had extreme plans for a big homecoming filled with attention to all the details. Like any smalltown girl should do, I still subscribe to my weekly newspaper, The Comanche Chief. I'm up to date on all the marriages, babies and youth league soccer champions and have been clipping classmate news for years. I had plans for "then & now" photos, a parent reception and a Wall of Honor for all our classmates who are serving or have served in the armed forces. I know! Fabulous plans!

Too bad none of that happened :(. Boo to me. Time! There's no time!!! Even so...with the help of my fellow CHS friends, we stilled planned a great weekend and got to catch up with a lot of good friends. Big thanks to Trisha and Lindsay for all their help! In all my worries and hype, Trey was still excited to go to the CHS varsity football game at Indian Stadium. Even though we lost the game, the Indians still headed to the second round of playoffs this year. Go Tribe!

We got to visit with almost 1/2 of my Senior class and met lots of new spouses and kids. It was so great to see everyone and relive the good ol' days. On Saturday, we met again for lunch and played some trivia I had prepared from our yearbook. Everyone really did get a kick out of this and it brought back some laughs I hadn't remembered in years! What I enjoyed most was visiting with classmates that weren't my general running buddies in HS. Makes me wonder what I missed out on in a friendship and why didn't I take the time to stay in touch. Oh, the what-ifs.

In any case, I don't regret a thing. Thanks to CHS for all the memories. Maybe a later post will come with some "then & now" picks. And maybe, just maybe, I'll follow through with my fab plans for our 15 year reunion :). For now...some picks from the weekend:

the saturday clan, I'm not preggo. i'm blaming the breeze in an untucked shirt.
...but ashley is due in a few months with her second baby girl!

me, mindy & her newest addition
...her fam lives in corpus christi - home of

geremy, his wife nikki & clay
...geremy is an air traffic controller in albuquerqe
...clay is a systems analyst for a dallas university

aimee, trisha & kayla
...aimee is an RN for alzheimer patients in abilene
...trisha lives & works in ft. worth & I'm pretty sure she'll publish a book someday :)
...kayla is a dental hygienist asst in Midland & my neighbor back home

me, mrs. lively & aimee
...mrs. lively was my calculus teacher and is a joy to be around!
(random small town fact: her son, steven, was my first kiss back in the tmi? :)

I heart Comanche.
If you do too, click here for your guide to unique dining, antique/gift shops and fine wines.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

angie's house of cakes (updated)

it's no secret. everybody loves cakes.
Big cakes. Little cakes. Birthday cakes. Cup cakes.
if it's moist and iced...i'm eating it.

i've been inspired from my sister - she makes every one of her kids' birthday cakes (including mine sometimes!) and i thought maybe i had the cake construction gene, too. so, i've made a few here and there. after loving trey's armadillo cake at our wedding, i took some lessons from the lady who made it.

here are some old and new pics for your viewing pleasure:

1. lynch's wedding shower:

2. McKenzie's baby shower:

3. my first cake from deco class:

4. learning some new techniques (pay no attention to content or color!):

5. my fav..cupcakes!

6. most recent...a modern wedding cake for one of my former students:

7. I forgot to add...McKenzie's (leah's daughter) 1st "Pink Poodles in Paris" birthday!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Glimpse of Things to Come...

Boo to the flu (a.k.a. really bad sinus infection)...
It makes me feel bad.
My blog is out of date...
that probably makes you mad.
There are so many things to share...
I need to add some posts.
Check back in days to come...
for events that deserve a toast:
1. Angie's House of Cakes
2. CHS 10-yr High School Reunion
3. 9th Annual Burns Family Roping