Thursday, March 29, 2012

30 weeks

oh my goodness. it is getting so close to time for this baby girl to be on the outside instead of the inside of my body...and I have mixed emotions! We are so excited but I feel like time is flying by.

My parents came to visit last weekend and helped paint the least that's one thing checked off my list! Now, to finish the accent wall and put together the crib...and order the new cushions for my grandmother's glider...and finish registering for gifts...and washing the tons of clothes that this little chica already has (thanks to Leah and Amanda!)...and, well, practically everything you need to do to get ready for a baby. because basically we've just painted the nursery :). But I'm oh so grateful for that!

Trey's mom also stopped by this weekend and it was so good to visit for a while. Everyone came in for Trey's big soccer game when they became the outright District Champs last Friday! A woo hoo! First playoff game is tomorrow and we are ready to win!

Pregnancy is still going well. Trey and I took a mini vaca over spring break and enjoyed having no plans, no responsibility and lots of wonderful eating out. I'm sure we'll be missing that after little chica arrives! As for the little one, she is very active inside my tight belly. I love watching her squirm when I lay down to go to sleep :) Oh, and I had another sonogram last week. She wasn't moving around quite as much as the first time, but it was the middle of the day. We did post some cool sonogram videos to facebook if you want to check them out. Pretty amazing what's going on inside this body of mine. One day I'll get to understand how God thinks up the things he does...just amazing.

She weighed 2 lbs 4 oz and is growing right on track...still a June 10 due date!
and...a belly pic:

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

two year olds

on february 6 and march 6, respectively, our sweet puppies dreya and biscuit turned 2 years old! while we didn't have a big birthday shindig like we did last year,


 the pups still got lots of loving and treats. this bone is supposed to be super hardy and "indestructible". FYI, that word is never true for dog toys in this house. biscuit had already chewed off the ends of both his and dreya's bone after about 30 minutes. they enjoyed it though!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

28 weeks

yep, I definitely missed 26 weeks. and now I'm almost 29, but we'll roll with this.
28 weeks was this past Thursday.
baby girl is growing, growing, growing!
and kicking like the little soccer player I know her dad will love her to be!

At some point since the last post, I had a regular belly check at the doctor.
Heartbeat = good.
Growth = good.
Next up...another sonogram on Wednesday! I can't wait to see this little sweetheart again!
On a side note - have you ever wondered what the difference is between a sonogram and an ultrasound? Trey asked this question and I did not have an answer for him. My doctor said they're the exact same thing. It's like saying "house" and "residence". we know!

Moving on...I think I'm starting to get hot flashes. Maybe I should invest in those little handheld fans you get at amusement parks. I always feel the need to fan myself - perhaps that would be a good arm workout. Lord knows I haven't been doing any other kind of working out. Honestly, I stopped about 2 months ago - and I can tell.
Third trimester goal = exercise at least 3 times a week. I can do that. I will do that!

As for the nursery, I purchased the paint color (sensible hue - pictures to come) over a month ago...we just haven't painted yet! I bought super cute fabric to make curtains and I purchased a little bundle of cedar wood (from an old barn/building) off craigslist to put up as an accent wall. My parents are coming into town this weekend and are going to help start getting the nursery ready. a woo hoo!

and...a belly pic. Dreya wanted in the picture, too :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

fun new diaper bag

I really haven't done a lot to prepare for this little baby on the way. However, I have known for a while that I wanted a specific type of diaper bag that would double as purse.

My goal was to obtain a bag that was...
not too big
not too small
easy to manage
lots of pockets
under $100

I remembered back to when my friend Kristin was deciding on a bag, so I skimmed through her posts to review all the feedback she received. I think we have the same taste because the bag I ended up liking the most was the one she purchased! So cute.

However, I wanted to get something different. After perusing the sites and looking for the best deal, the winner is...

Versa Expandable Diaper Tote from SKIP HOP

And best of all, I searched the internet until I found the absolute lowest price and ended up getting $15 off and free shipping by using and purchasing the bag through Barnes & Noble...who would've thought?!

When it came in the mail, it was everything I expected and I can't wait to load it with all the little baby goodies! I've also received 3 other fabulous bags that will come in handy for all types of can never have too many bags!