Monday, August 15, 2011

Things I never ate...

...before I met my husband.

Isn't it weird how your tastes change over time?
Or how you're just willing to try new things for some odd reason?
Here's a countdown of five fun foods that I now actually like or love to eat because Trey brought them into our household:
Monkey see, monkey do :)

[i love to eat this on strawberries]

[still not my favorite but i do like to eat these with other fruits]

3. HEATH candy bar
[um, delicious. how did i never know about this?!]

[can honestly say i had never eaten one of these in my life before i met trey. oddly enough, his family owns a sweet potato farm in Louisiana.]

...and the most shocking:
 [if you've known me for any period of time, you know that i can't stand the smell of me a headache. i think it stems from a bad childhood experience in stringing popcorn for the Christmas Tree. or it could possibly be that my mother burned the popcorn on the stove every-single-time. now, i'll eat it at the movies. and by golly, it actually tastes pretty good!]

Is there something that you never ate until someone introduced it to you later in life?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dreya's Long Lost Brother

Oh goodness. We found the cutest dog today...Dreya's long lost brother. Now, he lives with us!

Trey saw in the paper that the Houston SPCA would be at Tractor Supply, so we decided to swing by.
Little did we know that we would find the perfect playmate for Dreya. We had been talking for a little while about getting another dog, but I just couldn't get through my brain how we could handle two great danes in the Taylor casa. A smaller dog might be right up our alley. After we brought Dreya to meet little Biscuit here, we knew they would just love each other.

...and they do L.O.V.E. each other.
Biscuit is a male lab/retriever mix and is exactly one month younger than Dreya.

 Dreya is showing Biscuit the ropes...

They will wear each other out. I love it :)

The Taylor family just got a little more entertaining. Welcome home Biscuit!

Monday, August 1, 2011

a conversation with Blythe

I recently got to spend some time with my fun friend, Lynch (a.k.a. Allison), and her sweet family.
There was fun had by all and much entertaining by this little cutie. 

A conversation with Blythe...

"Hi, my name is Blythe and I am cute."

"Meet my new friend, Bailey. He is one funny dog."

"What? Who says I can't have a dog as a friend? C'mon!"

"No, really. C'mon...gimme that camera."

Is she cute or what?!