Monday, August 15, 2011

Things I never ate...

...before I met my husband.

Isn't it weird how your tastes change over time?
Or how you're just willing to try new things for some odd reason?
Here's a countdown of five fun foods that I now actually like or love to eat because Trey brought them into our household:
Monkey see, monkey do :)

[i love to eat this on strawberries]

[still not my favorite but i do like to eat these with other fruits]

3. HEATH candy bar
[um, delicious. how did i never know about this?!]

[can honestly say i had never eaten one of these in my life before i met trey. oddly enough, his family owns a sweet potato farm in Louisiana.]

...and the most shocking:
 [if you've known me for any period of time, you know that i can't stand the smell of me a headache. i think it stems from a bad childhood experience in stringing popcorn for the Christmas Tree. or it could possibly be that my mother burned the popcorn on the stove every-single-time. now, i'll eat it at the movies. and by golly, it actually tastes pretty good!]

Is there something that you never ate until someone introduced it to you later in life?


  1. Love this!!! Believe it or not I didn't eat FISH until I met my hubby! He loves fishing and always is catching yummy meals now!

  2. My mom NEVER made sweet potatoes when I was growing up because her mom always covered them with marshmallows for holiday dinners. We eat them all the time now! Sweet potato fries are my fave.