Monday, February 20, 2012

24 weeks and counting

so, I kind of missed the 24-week mark last Thursday. oops.

work has been pretty darn busy and the past weeks since the last update have flown by! Nothing much has changed baby-wise. She's still kicking and growing :).

I did manage to get a "good morning kick" to the stomach from Dreya one day. Usually, I'm prepared for her grand entry into our room as part of our morning routine...guess I was a little too sleepy that morning! In any case, I didn't feel chica really move that day and Satan had me going. I'll admit, I was worrying. The next morning, Trey and I immediately prayed over her and my body and she started moving later that morning. Thank you Lord for being patient with me in my times of short-lived faith...and please forgive me for ever doubting your protection and love.

lesson #1:  speak God's Word and promises over your daily life. Don't allow Satan's deceptions to crowd your thoughts...this is where sin enters (James 1:14-18).

lesson #2:  time to start training the pups on new house rules for when the baby comes. You can never be too careful!

and, this is me at 24 weeks. I've finally managed to teach trey how to take decent comparison to his usual head shot in bottom 1/3 of picture and airspace in top 2/3 of picture :). He's doing really well now! During this pic he said, "wow, that's some bump! you're actually getting big!" I laughed :).

the new bump may be due in part to my new diet over the past two weeks...
someone has jumped on the chocolate train!

and yes, I'm wearing the same jean jacket as the last picture...
the same jean jacket that I bought from Ralph Lauren 10 years ago :).

I'm also wanting to post (as mentioned last time) some updates on my plans for the nursery and my new diaper it! Hope to get those up soon...happy Monday!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Baby Bump - 22 weeks

I can't believe we're over half-way done with this pregnancy! 22 Weeks!
They have been wonderful and are flying by so quickly.

I'm starting to show a little more and people at work are eating it up...
and I'm not one to mind about belly touching/rubbing, so no problems there!

Still wearing wearing a lot of my normal clothing.
Did gaucho pants go out of style? Because I'm still rockin' those stretchy suckers!
Mossimo tank tops from Target are my go-to shirts...
I've learned the art of layering and it's fabulous.

I saved up my mad money over the past months to buy my first pair of cute boots.
Why haven't I done this sooner?! These things are super comfortable and I've gotten a lot of compliments on them. JCPenney gave me a steal on these!

Feeling chiquita (her given nickname by some of my friends) move quite a bit.
She's still doing somersaults in there!

I'm not labeling this as "bad news" because nothing has really been that bad.
Praise the Lord!

However, while most of my clothing still works, my pants and jeans have got to go.
I'm LOVING pregnancy jeans. Why don't women wear these all the time? You never have to zip anything and your butt crack isn't showing every time you bend over. Genius.

Sleeping comfortably has been an issue. However, we prayed over this in my small group on Monday and I can say that it has gotten significantly better!
I'm still thinking about buying some sort of pregnancy pillow though.
Suggestions are welcome :)

I have some other fun things to post but I'll share those separately.
And below...a 22-week bump.