Thursday, February 25, 2010

caring or CrEEpY?

As I stepped into my favorite local Huntsville eatery a few days ago,
I scrambled into line as usual to order a scrumptious lunch.

About that time, you can always count on a line and a handful of people were already in place. In dining solitude, first instinct = people watching. Two in particular had entered just in front of me and had some paperwork in tow.

Are they married? ...she looks a little young for him.
Are they co-workers? ...their interaction is a little awkward.

No need for a menu...I patiently wait in line, easily distracted by each ring of the doorbell and every "order up" proclamation.

Back to cute black-jacket girl and man in overcoat.
I spy a stray hair on her jacket. No matting in the fabric...merely hanging on the back ready to be wisped away by a member of her party without a second thought.
That's it. A quick snatch and toss and "we" can all rest easy.

Dang you man in overcoat!
This will never happen as long as you are "her party". It has now become my duty to be the hair remover. Will your rapid work-mode glances in my direction interfere with this duty you've obliviously passed on?

Yes! Yes they will! This is awkward.
I've waited too long. I'm past the point of "helpful". This has no longer become a mindless task that we as women have done a million times. Now, I've been staring at the hair for well over 3-4 minutes. This is ridiculous.

I've made way too big a deal out this. I'm going in. They're about to order... eye contact with man in overcoat.
Swipe, throw, keep looking down.
Done :).


The question at hand...
a state of mind in which one is troubled - to make provision or look out for

to sneak up behind someone without their knowledge
- to move or behave timidly - weird

I fear there was a cross-over.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


As you may remember, I love shopping for GREAT VALUE brands as Wal-Mart. I have yet to be disappointed by any of their products.

Lesson of the day:
When looking on the GV package for the product origin, if it has a location (i.e. Made in China) obviously that's where it was made and shipped from. However, if it has no was made in the USA (as verified from Walmart corporate)! And that's what I like to see. On a side note...I haven't found a GV product yet that wasn't made in the USA. Thank you Sam Walton.

BuY oF tHE daY:

Actually, I bought the BBQ instead of SC&O. As compared to Baked Lays, the GV brand has slightly more calories and fat. However, it has the same low saturated fat, lower sodium and lower carbs.

who's not excited about that!

for GOD loved the world so much...

that He gave His only Son so that everyone who believes in HIM should not be lost, but should have eternal life. John 3:16

Everyone is probably aware that Valentine's Day is a day set aside to remember those we love yet not many people know that it was named for Valentinus, a bishop of the church who became a martyr rather than deny his faith in God. According to legend, while Valentinus was awaiting his execution, he befriended the blind daughter of the jailer and thru prayer, her sight was restored. On the night before he died, Valentinus penned a farewell message to the girl who had meant so much to him and signed it "From your Valentine". This was the first Valentine.

The valentines we give are symbols of love...for that is what love is...a desire to give rather than take. God gave when He wanted to let us know how much He loved us. He wrapped His love up in the Person of Jesus Christ, His Son and gave Him to the world.
Jesus is God's love personified...
God's Valentine to the world.

Happy Valentine's Day!
(Daily Blessings...February 14, 1972)

After my father's parents passed away, the 10 grandchildren were able to keep their belongings that were precious to us. Each of us received one of their Bibles. This story was printed on a card tucked away in PaPa Pete's...waiting on me to find it this special day.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our Own Home

It's official! The Taylors are homeowners :). And we are absolutely loving it!

We closed on last Friday and it was a beautiful day. After having delayed the closing 3 times due to a tiny detail on the appraisal, we were finally able to make things happen on Feb 5. Big thanks to our realtor and our banker. They are such great ladies and really pushed things through for us. I really do love small towns :).

Who knew you would need so many keys?

Thanks to the fabulous deMilliano's, we loaded up a cattle trailer full of our belongings on Friday afternoon.

Chris, Emily, Byron, my mom and I got quite a bit done for only a couple hours of work! Trey was at an away with his soccer team (who, by the way are 9-3-1...Go Hornets!) so we surprised him with a slightly empty house when he got home. On Saturday, we had quite the crew helping us pack and take everything away to our new abode. I'll post some more pics later from my mom's camera. Here are just a few from Brandon's:

"We done gone and loaded up this trailer real nice!"

Backed it up right to the front door...that's the way we do things in the 'Ville.

Good-Bye Old Houston

Hello Green Briar

Thanks to everyone who made the move so easy for us!!! You are greatly appreciated!