Sunday, February 14, 2010

for GOD loved the world so much...

that He gave His only Son so that everyone who believes in HIM should not be lost, but should have eternal life. John 3:16

Everyone is probably aware that Valentine's Day is a day set aside to remember those we love yet not many people know that it was named for Valentinus, a bishop of the church who became a martyr rather than deny his faith in God. According to legend, while Valentinus was awaiting his execution, he befriended the blind daughter of the jailer and thru prayer, her sight was restored. On the night before he died, Valentinus penned a farewell message to the girl who had meant so much to him and signed it "From your Valentine". This was the first Valentine.

The valentines we give are symbols of love...for that is what love is...a desire to give rather than take. God gave when He wanted to let us know how much He loved us. He wrapped His love up in the Person of Jesus Christ, His Son and gave Him to the world.
Jesus is God's love personified...
God's Valentine to the world.

Happy Valentine's Day!
(Daily Blessings...February 14, 1972)

After my father's parents passed away, the 10 grandchildren were able to keep their belongings that were precious to us. Each of us received one of their Bibles. This story was printed on a card tucked away in PaPa Pete's...waiting on me to find it this special day.

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