Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our Own Home

It's official! The Taylors are homeowners :). And we are absolutely loving it!

We closed on last Friday and it was a beautiful day. After having delayed the closing 3 times due to a tiny detail on the appraisal, we were finally able to make things happen on Feb 5. Big thanks to our realtor and our banker. They are such great ladies and really pushed things through for us. I really do love small towns :).

Who knew you would need so many keys?

Thanks to the fabulous deMilliano's, we loaded up a cattle trailer full of our belongings on Friday afternoon.

Chris, Emily, Byron, my mom and I got quite a bit done for only a couple hours of work! Trey was at an away with his soccer team (who, by the way are 9-3-1...Go Hornets!) so we surprised him with a slightly empty house when he got home. On Saturday, we had quite the crew helping us pack and take everything away to our new abode. I'll post some more pics later from my mom's camera. Here are just a few from Brandon's:

"We done gone and loaded up this trailer real nice!"

Backed it up right to the front door...that's the way we do things in the 'Ville.

Good-Bye Old Houston

Hello Green Briar

Thanks to everyone who made the move so easy for us!!! You are greatly appreciated!