Thursday, January 27, 2011

under the weather

I've been under the weather since Sunday...good for nothin'. Sometimes, when I'm sick, I can get my rest and be somewhat productive around the house. Not this time. For the past three days I have done absolutely NOTHING. Oh, how it bothers me.

Dreya and I slept til 11:00 am every morning and then I did a little more...nothing.

In trying to combat the cough that I've been dating frequently over the past few years, I downed last year's cough med...I was desparate. Figured that wasn't very smart, so I bought some Theraflu.

Lesson of the day:
Don't use Theraflu.

I think this is what made me sick to my stomach. I can't be sure! ...but that's my best guess. It was like taking a shot of whiskey and not getting to pass out. Just stick with the good stuff from the doctor that taste's like crap yet so conveniently gives the K-O.

Three cheers for codeine!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

you gotta know when to hold 'em

...and certainly know when to fold 'em!

I wanted to stay and watch more of Trey's first soccer game of the season last night, but after cleaning smeared dog poop off Dreya's face, I knew it was time to go. :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

an amusing find

While cleaning out my desk drawer at work (the one that collects every oddball item), I happened upon an old note I wrote one day at lunch. My ridiculous writing really embarassed me a little but I will share anyway. This was from several years ago and I wanted to edit it...but I won't! Oh dear...enjoy, if you wish :).

"On Thursdays, I frequent King's Candies for lunch. The sandwich special ($5.68) always surprises me with a variety each week. Chicken salad is my favorite, but today was good ol' tuna salad.

This is quiet time for me...a retreat from my constant workday, back in time to a 1950's soda shop. I'm entertained by young mothers tapping their kid's hands, 'No baby...the sign says Don't Touch!'. And how could you blame them?! Endless jars of sour strings, rock candy, malt balls, gummy worms...

The door rings - the mailman enters for his daily pick-up by the cash register. Laughter fills the room from a group of ladies enjoying each other's company. The usuals are here...a pair from TDCJ, some cacklers from the Chamber of Commerce. There's usually a few of us single's obvious these anticipated silent lunches are a highlight of our workday.

More kids are tip-toeing to see the ice cream flavors and mom takes a sample. Sometimes I treat myself to a cashew caramel-lovers delight, despite its pitiful name...the longhorn. Today, though, I'm treated enough by realizing just how much I love my little town. It's empty of the fancy shopping malls, 20 cinema movie theaters, and endless chain restaurants.

Even better, it's full of hidden treasures and small town charm. Who knew an old soda shop could make someone think so much?"

And there you have it. Happy Thursday to you all!

Monday, January 10, 2011

today, I will finish a project

that's right. I'm going to follow through ;)

don't get me wrong...I've completed lots of things here and there ~ just not always in the most timely manner. However, I have gotten much better since marrying my quite amazing husband. Trey very much complements my procrastination. He helps me plan time to get things done and is quite the assistant! I can say that because he doesn't read my blog :). In all truth, he probably ends up doing most of the work of my visionary home improvement projects.

Nonetheless, in the past month...
we've refinished book shelves, added curtains to the office and started redoing an armoire. Notice "started". Tonight, I will finish the second coat of paint, add the new hardware and measure out/construct the new modern top molding to replace the old school curves I sawed off. I mentioned last week that my job should possibly be professional organizer. Today, I'm adding master carpenter to the list :).

What will you pledge to finish TODAY?!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

the songs of my run

TOP 5 FAV SONGS on my running playlist...

5. Back in Black - ACDC
this gets me pumped up to get started

4. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - Michael Jackson
this makes me wanna's hard to not stop and just dance during this

3. Orange Blossom Special
 this makes me run really fast
(think of characters being fast forwarded in silent movies) :)

 2. Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet
this makes me dance and flail about while running

(o.k. gotta preface this...the music in these songs are awesome but I usually turn it as soon as the words start - absolutely horrible. Good thing the intros are long!)

1. Almost anything Metallica
these just rock - some serious running occurs ;)

I think my next iTunes purchase will be the TRON: Legacy soundtrack
...great sounds from DAFT PUNK.
How about some snazzy suggestions from your workout music repertoire?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

odd things that bring me joy

some things in life are strangly comforting. maybe i'm just weird...doesn't take much to entertain me.
most of these oddities revolve around my natural gravity to order and tidiness in life. the fact that i'm even making a list brings extreme satisfaction :).

i love:
 1. writing checks
2. newly cleaned floors
3. getting my hair cut
4. arranging paper clips on my desk
5. deleting old emails
6. sorting mail
7. watching "Unwrapped" on Food Network
8. cleaning messy countertops in public can you just walk out with all that water everywhere?!
9. folding a fitted sheet
10. perfectly straight Christmas lights
11. shuffling playing cards...oddly soothing - I could do this for hours
12. nightlights
13. grouping/ordering my grocery cart for perfect bagging
14. making lists
15. marking things off my list
16. purging desk pens and highlighters that no longer work
17. vaccuming dog hair out of Dreya's cage
18. looking at houses online (no, we're not moving)
19. proofreading
20. straightening/uncoiling long cords (hairdryers, telephones, etc)

ahh...much better. i think i'm in the wrong line of business...
educational administration or professional organizer?
hmm :)

what are odd things that bring you joy?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

happy new year!

Here's to a great start to 2011...

p.s. can you tell I decorated an uncooperative hubby right before snapping the pic? :)
I promise we were actually having fun!