Monday, January 10, 2011

today, I will finish a project

that's right. I'm going to follow through ;)

don't get me wrong...I've completed lots of things here and there ~ just not always in the most timely manner. However, I have gotten much better since marrying my quite amazing husband. Trey very much complements my procrastination. He helps me plan time to get things done and is quite the assistant! I can say that because he doesn't read my blog :). In all truth, he probably ends up doing most of the work of my visionary home improvement projects.

Nonetheless, in the past month...
we've refinished book shelves, added curtains to the office and started redoing an armoire. Notice "started". Tonight, I will finish the second coat of paint, add the new hardware and measure out/construct the new modern top molding to replace the old school curves I sawed off. I mentioned last week that my job should possibly be professional organizer. Today, I'm adding master carpenter to the list :).

What will you pledge to finish TODAY?!


  1. I wouldn't get things done either if it weren't for my husband. I have "big dreams" for home improvement and then I put him to work! :)

    I plan to finish one of my graduate school papers this evening....

  2. Tonight I will put away all of the clean laundry. And it's good to know I'm not the only one who thinks up amazing house projects and then assigns them to someone else!