Monday, January 21, 2013

Reagan - 4 months

*note to readers...this post written OCT 2012. Again, sans pics...they'll come at some point :)

This baby girl is getting big! Saying that time has flown by would be an understatement. I keep thinking that I'll remember the milestones and "should start blogging about that." see how that goes. It took me 4 months to post that the child was even born! I can't seem to find time or just the "umph" to sit down and write about all the sweet things Reagan does. I've got to be better about this...for Reagan. I want her to have something to look back on one day and see how she grew up right before our very eyes.

will. do. better.


rolling over. Baby Reagan entertained for sure when she rolled over for the first time in front of her MiMi. I was so happy that my mom got to see just made her day. and surprised me! I was changing her diaper and off she went across the blanket. it was like a light switch went on...finally chica is learning how to use her arms. legs are her strongpoint ;)

laughing for real. this girl loves her daddy and oh can he make her laugh. momma can too, though. Reagan giggles at big kisses on her belly and funny faces. is there anything sweeter?!

all out formula. i stopped nursing at 3 months and Reagan still took bottles 1/2 milk, 1/2 formula this whole month. however, toward the end my milk was used up and we are on straight formula now. reagan didn't miss a beat...this child can grub.

traveling. Reagan has been an excellent traveler since the first ride home from the hospital. she loves looking out the window and either chills or sleeps during the entire drive.

sorry peeps...I know I had more things to say on that update but obviously never finished it. I've not been good at all about keeping up with all the things she's doing :(. Going back to work didn't help either! In any case, Trey says, "Who cares. You've been busy raising a child, not blogging about raising a child." hmmm..thanks babe :). However, I still commend those moms who are really good about writing everything down and sharing with amaze me!

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welcome to the world miss reagan

*note to readers...I started this post over 4 months ago and never posted it because I didn't have all the pictures to go with it. So, even though it absolutely kills me, I'm posting this (sans pics) so I can bring back some sort of sanity to my blog. There are 2 other drafts I haven't looked at in months either. Oh well...I'll get some pics up at some point. You'll probably seen most of them on Facebook anyway! :)

(written AUG 2012)
yep, the last time you heard from me I was way preggo. Now, Reagan is here! And I've spent the last 3 months loving on my little sweet pea and she is just about the most precious thing I've ever seen. Trey and I are smitten, to say the least. come the updates (thanks to a little nudge I needed from Cindy!) :)

LABOR & DELIVERY...the story of Miss Reagan Elise.

Reagan was due on June 10, 2012. So as school was winding down for Trey, we were trying to rest up for our last few weeks as just husband and wife, and dog and bigger dog :). We knew she could come at any time but really thought it would be on or after her due date. I kept promising my co-workers that "I'll be back next week to finish that up..." ha! Amanda and Johnny were on vacation in Mexico and she made me promise to not have Reagan before she got back. At least we did that! Mimi & Papa were also packed and ready to come at the drop of a hat. I had a bag packed but dad was still waiting to the last minute :).

Our week was pretty normal. Trey ended his 5th year of teaching Thursday, May 31 and had their teacher inservice on Friday, June 1. Let the summer begin! On Saturday, we hung out as usual and ran some errands. That night around 9:00 pm I thought my water had possibly broken but I wasn't sure at all. Some women say they just know but this was not so evident. I did all the tricks they talk about to see if it really was amniotic fluid or if I just peed my pants :). Still wasn't sure. There were no contractions and nothing else out of the ordinary, so we carried on as usual.

Sunday came and we went to church. After lunch and a small cat nap, we headed to the pool. I had been wanting to go for so had been over a year...yikes! However, I didn't get in the water just in case my water had broken; so we sat poolside and read for about an hour. When we got home, I kept thinking I should call the hospital but I didn't want to be "that mom" who comes in and has to go right back home. The nurse said come anyway. We packed up for the hospital, said goodbye to the doggies, and stopped by Sonic to get a drink and some fries for me...yum yum.

So begins the journey...

We checked into the hospital at 7:30 pm on Sunday, June 3. After a quick test, the nurse returned at 7:45 with news of, "We're moving you to another room. Yes, your water broke!" The conversation continued:
Trey: "Soooooo, we're staying?"
Nurse: "Yes. You're not leaving this hospital without a baby."
Angie: "What the crap? We have another week!"
Trey: "----------" :) state of shock and awe...

Bye bye summer!

We didn't know what to do! I didn't feel any signs of labor and we weren't sure how long to wait before we should start calling family. I think after about 15 minutes we called everyone on the short list and I'm glad we did, because it didn't take long for Reagan to arrive! My sister, of course, appeared in our room from Spring no more than an hour after we called her. She was going to be in delivery with Trey and me if my mom couldn't make it in time. They were driving from Comanche.

We all hung out and I think Trey watched some of the NBA finals on TV. The nurse checked me a few times. (At my last doctors appointment, I was dilated to a 3 and 80% effaced.) Now, the nurse said I was still at a 3 and I think 90%...I can't remember :). My desire was to have Reagan naturally: no epidural, no pitossin, no meds that would make me or her groggy afterward. We were praying and believing for a quick delivery. I didn't start feeling contractions until about 9:30 pm. They weren't bad, just uncomfortable in my lower back. I had to pee a million times, each time having to unplug every machine I was hooked up to to just to scoot 5 feet to the restroom.

I'm not sure of exact times, but over the next 2.5 hours I dilated to a 4. Dr. D suggested that we might start pitossin and I said, "Nope! Check me again!" Then, the nurse said I was at a 6 and the contractions were coming a bit stronger. So, Dr. D said no pitossin and that we were moving along nicely :). I believe around midnight the pain was very strong in my back. Trey likes to tell this part...of me moaning and telling him to press on my back. He and my sister both said I wasn't really that bad but he likes to exaggerate the story, of course. Finally, I said I would take some pain medication so I could rest a bit. They gave me a small vile of Nubane (sp?) that was supposed to last between 2-6 hours. I'm glad I decided to take it...knocked off the edge and I was able to close my eyes for a bit. Still felt all the contractions though! I quickly progressed to a 10 and the nurses said I could start pushing around 1:00 am. In my opinion, the pushing was the easy part...the contractions were more painful.

Not sure when Dr. D came but I think it was around 1:45 or so. I told Trey not to watch but he said watching Reagan's birth was the most amazing thing he's ever seen and couldn't look away. ha! Finally, at 2:12 am on June 4, little Reagan arrived!

6 lbs 14 oz, 20 in

Trey said she was blue when she came out, red when she starting whaling and then back to a normal color. He was quite amused at the whole process. I'll have to do dad interview with him so you can hear his version . Our first night in the hospital was rough but after that, it's been wonderful! More details and posts to come!