Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hip Hip...Delay

...thanks to FHA...

Our projected closing is no longer tomorrow
Keep your head high, no need to feel sorrow!

Something about appraisals and needing 48 hours
These banks are super picky and enforce all their lending powers.

We've done all we can, just waiting on them
Hopefully on Wednesday, we'll get the keys and move in!

We'll start packing this weekend and are still filled with glee
Soon, very homeowners, we'll be!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

oh, my husband

...I do love him so.
BUT, we know men can be men. Right, ladies?!

I was just showing Trey a few of my posts because he's not the blog-reading type. I haven't really hyped it up to him...he just knows I like to post every now and then. He'll say in a funny little squeaky voice, "Oh, are you bloooooggggging? Are you a bloooooggggger?" :) ha. ha.

ANG: "Maybe you should read my blog. I think you would like it!"

TREY: "Why do I have to read about it when you're here?"

ANG: squinted eyes with a hint of scowl...

TREY: laughter with a hint of "oh, here we go"

ANG: being a good wife...doesn't make a big deal of it. "That's funny, now I have something to blog about." dashboard...typing...already forgot conversation "Uh...what were those exact words? :)"

TREY: repeats nothing of what he actually said that was funny but is able to throw in the term 'cyber-wife'. actually reading as I type "Uh, I think you missed a big part of the conversation there."

HELLO!!!! No critiquing if you don't agree to read out of the warmth of your heart and with a "positive, positive, positive, positive attitude!"

Lesson of the day:

Don't ask your husband to read a commentary of your daily thoughts and epiphanies unless you're prepared to justify how it's totally different from the actual events he's already experienced, as if he misinterpreted his life.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray...

It's almost CLOSING DAY!!!

The tAyloRs are moving and heading out west
"So long Old Houston!"...we need a new nest!
There are boxes to pack...come help if you dare
We're closing on Friday, not a moment to spare.

Inspections and surveys, bank loans and more
My fingers are cramping from check-writing galore!
There's insurance, titles, appraisals and fees
But everything's working...we've been down on our knees.

As each day gets closer our excitement keeps growing
A beautiful new house, we'll soon be showing:

Big kitchen

Great study

We'll have lots of chores...
But I just couldn't resist the hard wood floors!

A bedroom for us

A bedroom for you

Don't forget the hall bath
And guest bedroom #2

They say two sinks in the master bath is a must
"They" being HGTV...& in HGTV we surely do trust!

Of course the back yard was important to Trey
It's like a mini soccer field...and soccer, we will play!

I'll keep you posted...these updates are dire!
As our house becomes a home on 1676 Greenbriar :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Easy chair makeover

One of my best friends, Lev, just posted a cute craft idea and I absolutely love crafts! If you always think, "I wish I was crafty!", and then pause for a moment of doubt and convince yourself it's just not in your genes...well, I challenge you to your first craft project!

I promise this easy project will leave you with a feeling of accomplishment and looking like a pro.

Extreme Makeover: chair edition

you'll need:

1. to go antique-ing (hooray!) and find the perfect wooden chair with a covered seat (or go search through grandma's random're sure to find something vintage!)
2. 1 yard of your favorite fabric that would look super cute on your chair (something a little thicker for upholstering would be best)
3. an old egg crate or quilt batting
4. screwdriver (see bottom of chair for phillips or flathead)
5. staple gun
6. scissors

Flip chair upside down and remove screws...don't forget to save them. You'll be putting them back on in the end!

Peel off old fabric and padding. Lay fabric out flat...use this as your pattern for your new cover. Cut out the new fabric and padding (if you can salvage the old padding, just use it again!). The fabric should extend at least one inch past the padding.

Smooth fabric on a flat, sturdy surface. Place padding on top of fabric. Then place chair seat on top of padding. Using your staple gun (1/2 in staples should don't want them to be too long), pull fabric edge over back of seat and staple down. Start with the sides (make it taut) and finish with the corners. Trim edges.

Place seat back on chair. Use screwdriver to place screws back in.

Sit back and admire your crafty creation!

Now...if you're feeling really confident :)
...let me know and I'll show you how to recover a couch!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Random Camera Download

I feel like I've skipped so much over the past few months and I don't use my camera nearly as much as I have in the past. Meaning...more events on the camera before I download any pictures. Today, I have finally done just that. So, see below for some random, yet fun, happenings since my last camera download!


A Pre-Cursor Snow Pic (the light flakes before the artic blast!)


What better way to begin your 30th year of life than with a good ol' game of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey"?!
...and this is why I love the Smithson Family.

Cole visits Aunt Ge & Uncle Trey

...and we cheer on the SHSU Men's B-ball team to a victory!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

daughter of the King

I heart UHBC Women's Ministry.

...amazed at the ladies He has placed in my path and their desire to know Him more.
...grateful that God has challenged me to be a small group facilitator over the past 3 years.
...excited about the greater things to come in our ministry and our community.
...undeserving of His grace.
...blessed by His love.

Tonight we had a great time in the presence of the Lord as we started back for the spring semester. Although we were few in numbers, we were great in submission to Him. We discussed some pretty hard truths...still not understanding the depths of it. However, God reminded me of a time in my life when I learned a little more about what it meant to have the power of the Holy Spirit inside me and the name of Jesus on my lips. This is only the second time I've felt led to share this poem that I wrote almost 3 years ago during that time.

May God speak to you through the words He has given me:

I am a daughter of the King
Let my humble praises ring!
Not by works but by the blood
Now my heart the Holy Spirit floods.
This regeneration is my saving grace
And I must live to tell the human race.
I have the power in Jesus' name
To bring Him honor, glory and fame.
Satan's thorn no longer stings
Because I am a daughter of the King!