Monday, January 18, 2010

Easy chair makeover

One of my best friends, Lev, just posted a cute craft idea and I absolutely love crafts! If you always think, "I wish I was crafty!", and then pause for a moment of doubt and convince yourself it's just not in your genes...well, I challenge you to your first craft project!

I promise this easy project will leave you with a feeling of accomplishment and looking like a pro.

Extreme Makeover: chair edition

you'll need:

1. to go antique-ing (hooray!) and find the perfect wooden chair with a covered seat (or go search through grandma's random're sure to find something vintage!)
2. 1 yard of your favorite fabric that would look super cute on your chair (something a little thicker for upholstering would be best)
3. an old egg crate or quilt batting
4. screwdriver (see bottom of chair for phillips or flathead)
5. staple gun
6. scissors

Flip chair upside down and remove screws...don't forget to save them. You'll be putting them back on in the end!

Peel off old fabric and padding. Lay fabric out flat...use this as your pattern for your new cover. Cut out the new fabric and padding (if you can salvage the old padding, just use it again!). The fabric should extend at least one inch past the padding.

Smooth fabric on a flat, sturdy surface. Place padding on top of fabric. Then place chair seat on top of padding. Using your staple gun (1/2 in staples should don't want them to be too long), pull fabric edge over back of seat and staple down. Start with the sides (make it taut) and finish with the corners. Trim edges.

Place seat back on chair. Use screwdriver to place screws back in.

Sit back and admire your crafty creation!

Now...if you're feeling really confident :)
...let me know and I'll show you how to recover a couch!

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  1. i was a little worried about how "easy" mrs. "i can cook a delicious meal from scratch or build you a new house"'s project was going to be, but i think even i can handle that. love it! i'm going to conquer it soon for sure.