Wednesday, January 27, 2010

oh, my husband

...I do love him so.
BUT, we know men can be men. Right, ladies?!

I was just showing Trey a few of my posts because he's not the blog-reading type. I haven't really hyped it up to him...he just knows I like to post every now and then. He'll say in a funny little squeaky voice, "Oh, are you bloooooggggging? Are you a bloooooggggger?" :) ha. ha.

ANG: "Maybe you should read my blog. I think you would like it!"

TREY: "Why do I have to read about it when you're here?"

ANG: squinted eyes with a hint of scowl...

TREY: laughter with a hint of "oh, here we go"

ANG: being a good wife...doesn't make a big deal of it. "That's funny, now I have something to blog about." dashboard...typing...already forgot conversation "Uh...what were those exact words? :)"

TREY: repeats nothing of what he actually said that was funny but is able to throw in the term 'cyber-wife'. actually reading as I type "Uh, I think you missed a big part of the conversation there."

HELLO!!!! No critiquing if you don't agree to read out of the warmth of your heart and with a "positive, positive, positive, positive attitude!"

Lesson of the day:

Don't ask your husband to read a commentary of your daily thoughts and epiphanies unless you're prepared to justify how it's totally different from the actual events he's already experienced, as if he misinterpreted his life.

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