Wednesday, January 6, 2010

daughter of the King

I heart UHBC Women's Ministry.

...amazed at the ladies He has placed in my path and their desire to know Him more.
...grateful that God has challenged me to be a small group facilitator over the past 3 years.
...excited about the greater things to come in our ministry and our community.
...undeserving of His grace.
...blessed by His love.

Tonight we had a great time in the presence of the Lord as we started back for the spring semester. Although we were few in numbers, we were great in submission to Him. We discussed some pretty hard truths...still not understanding the depths of it. However, God reminded me of a time in my life when I learned a little more about what it meant to have the power of the Holy Spirit inside me and the name of Jesus on my lips. This is only the second time I've felt led to share this poem that I wrote almost 3 years ago during that time.

May God speak to you through the words He has given me:

I am a daughter of the King
Let my humble praises ring!
Not by works but by the blood
Now my heart the Holy Spirit floods.
This regeneration is my saving grace
And I must live to tell the human race.
I have the power in Jesus' name
To bring Him honor, glory and fame.
Satan's thorn no longer stings
Because I am a daughter of the King!

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