Tuesday, December 1, 2009

You know you can always share a good story after a trip to the ol' Wal-Mart. This time, it comes in the form of a Great Value and good advice:


If you've shopped at Wally-World anytime recently, you might have noticed an influx of Great Value brand products. I've purchased quite a few and have been pleasantly pleased. Not only are these products cheaper, but they are also made in the USA! (well...i'm pretty sure they are. I tried to call corporate to ask about this but they've directed me to another number I have to call during working hours...I'll get back with you on this)

So, check out all the Great Value you can get at your local store!


Now, after purchasing all these great deals, I'm assuming you'll proceed to the checkout. So many choices these days: 20 items or less, self checkout, cashier...the list goes on. Actually, no it doesn't. Whatever.

Most of the time the cashier lines either aren't open or are too long. Being the American that I am, I was "in a hurry" to get home. Apparently, last night I was super confident in my scanning skills and chose the self checkout. Once I got to about item #12 I was certainly rethinking my decision. What was I thinking getting in this line? My basket was stuffed full of great values and I had no room to put the full bags. I was one of "those" people that others were staring at and getting frustrated with.

I just kept trucking along, regretting the fact that I had a hoodie on. About 20 minutes later, I had swiped the last great value from the basket and the last drop of sweat from my brow. The supervisor for the self-check lines seriously had to clear my "please place item in the bag" screen about 10 times.

Lesson of the day:

You are not as quick as the Wal-Mart cashier. Do not get in the self check line with 80 items.

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