Friday, January 22, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray...

It's almost CLOSING DAY!!!

The tAyloRs are moving and heading out west
"So long Old Houston!"...we need a new nest!
There are boxes to pack...come help if you dare
We're closing on Friday, not a moment to spare.

Inspections and surveys, bank loans and more
My fingers are cramping from check-writing galore!
There's insurance, titles, appraisals and fees
But everything's working...we've been down on our knees.

As each day gets closer our excitement keeps growing
A beautiful new house, we'll soon be showing:

Big kitchen

Great study

We'll have lots of chores...
But I just couldn't resist the hard wood floors!

A bedroom for us

A bedroom for you

Don't forget the hall bath
And guest bedroom #2

They say two sinks in the master bath is a must
"They" being HGTV...& in HGTV we surely do trust!

Of course the back yard was important to Trey
It's like a mini soccer field...and soccer, we will play!

I'll keep you posted...these updates are dire!
As our house becomes a home on 1676 Greenbriar :)


  1. love it! can you please call and leave a song message on my phone soon...i miss those!

  2. Okay...let's try this again!

    Angie...I love your house!!! I cannot wait till we bake in that big spacious kitchen!!! I might even wash the dishes, so I can look out the beautiful windows over the corner sink!! Also if you need any assistance in painting..please let me know because I think I am pretty handy with a brush!! I would love to help. If I have anything you need to borrow feel free to ask. Dave and I will help any way possible. I cannot wait till you and Trey have a house warming party! I promise Dave and I will not wear our shoes on the wood floor and I will try and refrain Dave from burning down your kitchen ;-)!!! Dave and I are so proud for you and Trey! We are glad to be apart of all these wonderful milestones throughout your realationship! Congratulations Again!!

  3. so, so stinkin' great! i LOVE it! congratulations to y'all.