Thursday, January 13, 2011

an amusing find

While cleaning out my desk drawer at work (the one that collects every oddball item), I happened upon an old note I wrote one day at lunch. My ridiculous writing really embarassed me a little but I will share anyway. This was from several years ago and I wanted to edit it...but I won't! Oh dear...enjoy, if you wish :).

"On Thursdays, I frequent King's Candies for lunch. The sandwich special ($5.68) always surprises me with a variety each week. Chicken salad is my favorite, but today was good ol' tuna salad.

This is quiet time for me...a retreat from my constant workday, back in time to a 1950's soda shop. I'm entertained by young mothers tapping their kid's hands, 'No baby...the sign says Don't Touch!'. And how could you blame them?! Endless jars of sour strings, rock candy, malt balls, gummy worms...

The door rings - the mailman enters for his daily pick-up by the cash register. Laughter fills the room from a group of ladies enjoying each other's company. The usuals are here...a pair from TDCJ, some cacklers from the Chamber of Commerce. There's usually a few of us single's obvious these anticipated silent lunches are a highlight of our workday.

More kids are tip-toeing to see the ice cream flavors and mom takes a sample. Sometimes I treat myself to a cashew caramel-lovers delight, despite its pitiful name...the longhorn. Today, though, I'm treated enough by realizing just how much I love my little town. It's empty of the fancy shopping malls, 20 cinema movie theaters, and endless chain restaurants.

Even better, it's full of hidden treasures and small town charm. Who knew an old soda shop could make someone think so much?"

And there you have it. Happy Thursday to you all!

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  1. I love your description. I could close my eyes and see everything you were seeing. I love going into Kings, or whatever it's called now, and just enjoying the atmosphere! Thanks for sharing! :)