Tuesday, January 4, 2011

odd things that bring me joy

some things in life are strangly comforting. maybe i'm just weird...doesn't take much to entertain me.
most of these oddities revolve around my natural gravity to order and tidiness in life. the fact that i'm even making a list brings extreme satisfaction :).

i love:
 1. writing checks
2. newly cleaned floors
3. getting my hair cut
4. arranging paper clips on my desk
5. deleting old emails
6. sorting mail
7. watching "Unwrapped" on Food Network
8. cleaning messy countertops in public restrooms...how can you just walk out with all that water everywhere?!
9. folding a fitted sheet
10. perfectly straight Christmas lights
11. shuffling playing cards...oddly soothing - I could do this for hours
12. nightlights
13. grouping/ordering my grocery cart for perfect bagging
14. making lists
15. marking things off my list
16. purging desk pens and highlighters that no longer work
17. vaccuming dog hair out of Dreya's cage
18. looking at houses online (no, we're not moving)
19. proofreading
20. straightening/uncoiling long cords (hairdryers, telephones, etc)

ahh...much better. i think i'm in the wrong line of business...
educational administration or professional organizer?
hmm :)

what are odd things that bring you joy?


  1. i would say you're weird, but i too enjoy a number of those things.

  2. how about making a grocery list in the order in which you will shop? organizing clothes in the closet by color & style? having separate laundry baskets for whites, lights, darks, and towels? perfectly organizing all of the dirty dishes in the dishwasher for maximum capacity? oh, i could go on and on. i heart OCD!

  3. lol...yes, Ashley! all wonderful! Glad to know I'm not alone :)

  4. I would say you are weird as well. BUT as much as I too like some of those things, I do not get out scissors to cut the grass :)


  5. I loved this!! :) I am currently writing a blog entry on NYC but after that I am doing one of these. A lot of my entries involve lists! :) Oh and from now on all of my research papers are going to you so you can proofread them! Anything to help bring joy to your life! :)