Thursday, January 27, 2011

under the weather

I've been under the weather since Sunday...good for nothin'. Sometimes, when I'm sick, I can get my rest and be somewhat productive around the house. Not this time. For the past three days I have done absolutely NOTHING. Oh, how it bothers me.

Dreya and I slept til 11:00 am every morning and then I did a little more...nothing.

In trying to combat the cough that I've been dating frequently over the past few years, I downed last year's cough med...I was desparate. Figured that wasn't very smart, so I bought some Theraflu.

Lesson of the day:
Don't use Theraflu.

I think this is what made me sick to my stomach. I can't be sure! ...but that's my best guess. It was like taking a shot of whiskey and not getting to pass out. Just stick with the good stuff from the doctor that taste's like crap yet so conveniently gives the K-O.

Three cheers for codeine!

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