Thursday, April 15, 2010

today, I rewired a lamp

One day I found a cute lamp sitting in a trash pile at work. Brandon said it didn't work...time to go. I beg to differ!! How could you throw away such a treasure? I gladly confiscated it, accepting any opportunity to take on a new project. His doubting look gave me all the more reason to prove a man wrong.

Then one day at home, I accidentally pulled a lamp off the coffee table and broke the glass (on my brand new hardwoods...yikes! have no fear, they are perfectly fine).

So, you see...
this reconstruction was meant to be.
No more "out with the old, in with the new"
I'm bringing "old" back, and so can you!

You'll need these simple, everyday tools:

Then about halfway through you'll realize you need this:

And here's how you begin to look like a nonchalant pro when it's chit chat time at the water cooler:

1. You'll need one lamp that works and one that doesn't. Ha! I'm realizing now this task is useless unless you've recently broken a lamp. If this applies to you, keep reading... Grab a wrench, unscrew each section of both lamps and pull out the cords. This is fun because you get to take apart EVERYTHING!

2. Turn off the power in your house. Guess that should've been step one, ha. Just kidding...we're talking lamps here people. No for real...make sure it's not plugged in.

3. (this gets pretty technical, so pay attention) When you're at the top where the switch is, just remember how it was connected and that's the exact same way you'll screw it in on the new lamp. :)

4. Thread in the working wires into the new lampstand (this is where the needle-nose comes in handy). Attach wire ends back to screws. The key in this step is to thread the wires through every part of the new lamp if it's in pieces. Don't forget and only do the top part like I did. Boo.

5. Screw everything back together, attach light and cute shade. Wallah!

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