Thursday, April 1, 2010

cute new layout!

Thanks are in order for Kelly at Fabulous K for my cute new layout!
I absolutely love it.

A good question was posed about my blog title...
Feel free to review my 1st post here.
When I first started blogging I wanted it to merely be about laughter
and how God uses that to teach me in my life.
I didn't really want it to be just about me and the random things in my mind.
However, you see it has somewhat turned into that...
but who can resist talking about a new house?
(and I'm sure other things to come as life progresses)

So, basically my initial thought was that I definitely wanted it to say something about
I couldn't get "A is for Apple", "B is for Boy", etc. out of my head
and so it goes on..."L is for Laughter" least to me anyways!!!

Now...if I ever have a child someday, I guess I'll have to name her Elle :).

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