Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hello, my name is...not Elle

But wouldn't this blog title be perfect for someone who was?!

I like to mix it up...keep people on their toes :). My name is really Angie, but I do love to laugh and more importantly, make other people laugh. Not really the "center of attention" type of person but more like the "accomodater" or "comforter". I'm the icebreaker or tension easer. Totally ok with awkward silence and find it interesting to see how other people handle it. Truth is...most people don't. Funny how we feel the need to always be doing something and "filling the silence".

Let's try this...lesson of the day:

less talking, more listening.
less planning for the future, more appreciating the present.
less worrying, more assurance in our Creator.
less judging others, more judging ourselves.
less gossip, more building up of the brethren.
less me, more You.

God gives me insight everyday, when I'm seeking Him. This will be a blog to inspire...a time to think, a time to laugh, a time to glorify our God.

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