Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lessons & Laughter

So, I mentioned in the beginning wanting to make people laugh and have yet to say anything funny. So, I'll share a newlywed moment with you:

Trey and I were enjoying a nice movie the other night from the director and producer of Little Miss Sunshine:

It was a nice break from a long week of work. However, I must point out that we ate Mexican food for dinner and any of you who know me well know that my body and beans don't mix. It's a natural situation...I'm sure you will agree but may not admit to it yourself. In any case, I'm holding in a lot of opportunities to put my stomach at ease for the sake of my husband, mind you...he does not return the favor to me and will take any chance to try and "sneak one in" like before he gets in the car or by the kitchen sink when I'm in the living room, knowing full well that it will follow him wherever he goes.

I'm trying to still be that girly gal of his and not get all sloppy now that we're married :), but I'm not sure how long I can hold up! What's great about this story is now my total disregard for the sanctity of mystery in a relationship, and how nature couldn't have come to fruition at a more perfect time...

So, we're on the couch and I'm messing with my earring or hair or something to that effect and Trey states, "You're making a lot of noise over there." To which I respond, with the likes of Babe Ruth calling the outfield, "Oh, I'm about to make some noise!" And as if the heavens themselves were opened, I let out the loudest, longest flatulence to which I had not even witnessed myself in my lifetime.

I have never been so proud yet so appalled by the offspring of my dinner. When I saw the surprise and disgust on my husband's face I knew I had made a horrible yet incredibly entertaining mistake. The mystery was gone and so was the love...for the moment. I honestly thought he would never want to come close to me again. I was laughing so hard because deep down I knew he wanted to pretend that he was nauseated but was obviously thoroughly amused at the whole situation.

Nothing's a secret in marriage...we share everything these days. :)

Now, onto the lesson of the day:

When someone wants my opinion, they'll ask for it. Other than that, listening is a pretty good option these days. God loves to show me lessons in illustrations and I thought this was a great one...

"Unsolicited advice is like using a sprinkler in the rain."
- Angie Taylor, on realizing that she's not always right.

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  1. that is the first time you ever farted in front of trey???? come on, don't hold it in girl...just wait until your won't be able to hold it in. so excited about the blog!!