Friday, April 2, 2010

sweet boy

This past weekend, we celebrated with my nephew Cole as he participated in Believer's Baptism. It was such an exciting day and we were so blessed to experience it with him. Just wanted to share a sweet story that allows us to see through a child's eyes, just as Christ calls us to believe:

MiMi: PaPa and I have a little something for you on this special day.

COLE: Cool! (He continues to open a small gift bag filled with various items with Bible verses inscribed on it. One item is a handsome silver cross lapel pin.) I want to put this one on.

MiMi: Oh, good. Do you need any help? ( which he responds he can handle it :)...and continues to try and place in the middle of his shirt)

MiMi & Aunt Ge: Cole, why don't you move it up a little bit? Those pins are usually worn up higher or on your collar.

COLE: No, I've got it.

Aunt Ge: Here Coley, right here. (I point up higher on his chest. He continues to move it and I were somewhat laughing thinking 'what in the world?' why won't he just move it up?!) Cole, why do you keep moving it down?

COLE: I just want it to be on my heart.

Oh my goodness. Mom, dad and I looked at each other and thought, well of course we can't argue with that. We had no response but a heartfelt smile. Praise God for Christian parents who teach their children to live by the Word of God and place it on their hearts.

Thank you God for your blessings on my family!

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