Saturday, May 1, 2010

thank you Jesus!!

i woke up yesterday and performed my usual morning routine.
shifting from REM cycle to real life... i lay out a few makeup items,
brush my teeth, wash my face...

some days i tend to fret over a new wrinkle here and there.
other days i bask in the glory of a fresh silver sparkle shooting from my scalp...
"gray is the new blonde," i say!
...except when a single stem springs from your ear old lady style.
or my favorite...the one directly in the middle of my forehead. really? really?

today though, my friend...TODAY, is a new day.

after patting my face with the hand towel,
i slowly rise to meet a most glorious reflection.
this can't be's possible i'm still sleeping and this is all merely a dream.

no! i'm awake! it's a miracle!
thank you Jesus for taking away my wrinkles!

i draw closer to inspect every detail of this wonder.
just remarkable. a true stunner.

uhhh...hold on. wait. noooo....
no. no. NO!

Jesus didn't take away my wrinkles...
He took away my sight!

Lesson of the Day:
"The Good Lord giveth & the Good Lord taketh away."

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