Sunday, September 18, 2011

While you were sleeping...

There's something about a moment of silence,
when you are sleeping and not testing my patience.
One on the rug and the other his bed,
I sit in silence and clear my head...

You've played in the lake and chewed yummy bones,
You got off the leash and visited other homes.
You've captured my heart and craved my attention,
You dirtied my floors too many times to mention.

I give you treats when you sit and you stay,
Not when you're crazy and rough-house and play.
But you're just too cute and easy to excite,
So, sometimes I cheat and give you one more bite.

Earlier today, I had just about had it
When you ran through the woods and rubbed your neck in stinky animal... (well, you know).
But I'll continue to care for you and clean you and feed you,
Because life just wouldn't be as interesting without you two...

It's been a long weekend, I've enjoyed your company,
You protect me and love me and make a cute little family.
As I sit and reflect on our eventful day,
I continue to love you in every way.

With my patience in tact and no need for sweeping,
I'll sit and relax while my puppies are sleeping.

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