Tuesday, March 13, 2012

fun new diaper bag

I really haven't done a lot to prepare for this little baby on the way. However, I have known for a while that I wanted a specific type of diaper bag that would double as purse.

My goal was to obtain a bag that was...
not too big
not too small
easy to manage
lots of pockets
under $100

I remembered back to when my friend Kristin was deciding on a bag, so I skimmed through her posts to review all the feedback she received. I think we have the same taste because the bag I ended up liking the most was the one she purchased! So cute.

However, I wanted to get something different. After perusing the sites and looking for the best deal, the winner is...

Versa Expandable Diaper Tote from SKIP HOP

And best of all, I searched the internet until I found the absolute lowest price and ended up getting $15 off and free shipping by using retailmenot.com and purchasing the bag through Barnes & Noble...who would've thought?!

When it came in the mail, it was everything I expected and I can't wait to load it with all the little baby goodies! I've also received 3 other fabulous bags that will come in handy for all types of needs...you can never have too many bags!


  1. Super cute, and looks functional too. You are right that you can't have too many bags. I've used huge diaper bags, medium ones, and am just using my regular tiny purse now. We change it up depending on where we are going and how long we'll be there.