Wednesday, November 25, 2009

angie's house of cakes (updated)

it's no secret. everybody loves cakes.
Big cakes. Little cakes. Birthday cakes. Cup cakes.
if it's moist and iced...i'm eating it.

i've been inspired from my sister - she makes every one of her kids' birthday cakes (including mine sometimes!) and i thought maybe i had the cake construction gene, too. so, i've made a few here and there. after loving trey's armadillo cake at our wedding, i took some lessons from the lady who made it.

here are some old and new pics for your viewing pleasure:

1. lynch's wedding shower:

2. McKenzie's baby shower:

3. my first cake from deco class:

4. learning some new techniques (pay no attention to content or color!):

5. my fav..cupcakes!

6. most recent...a modern wedding cake for one of my former students:

7. I forgot to add...McKenzie's (leah's daughter) 1st "Pink Poodles in Paris" birthday!


  1. oh man are you talented. i love them and i love that you are back to the blogging!

  2. i LOVE all of your cakes and cupcakes! you are so talented in so many ways!!!! the cake you made for our shower was gorgeous. i love(d) it. you should start a business!