Thursday, December 16, 2010

oh how I love thee...

Trey and I absolutely love having a Great Dane as part of the family now. Dreya is just about the sweetest dog we know and so stinkin loveable! Although she has lived up to the "puppy" stage, we love her more and more every day...

because of Dreya...

1. We go through much more peanut butter.

2. I vaccum at least 3 times a week.

3. I have to push everything out of reach on the counters.

4. I'm not strict about the floors & you no longer have to worry about taking your shoes off upon entry :).

5. We have a routine.

6. We get some use out of our separate bathtub.

7. I get to clean up broken glass from my wedding portrait.

8. We have a "race track" in our back yard.

9. I've been goosed more times than I can count.

10. We have a sock thief in our midst.

because of Dreya...

11. I have a new snuggle buddy.

12. We go on walks.

13. I get kisses every morning...and an occasional paw punch to face.

14. I've learned the value of a good bone.

15. We get to laugh everyday.

16. I get to watch a puppy grow to be bigger than me.

17. I've learned that dogs love massages just as much as I do.

18. I don't mind dog hair being on me. (big wow.)

19. There's always someone waiting at the door for me.

20. Our hearts have grown...

What a difference a dog can make...

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