Sunday, April 29, 2012

34 weeks and nursery preview

I do believe I have missed a bump update, so maybe they'll be a bigger difference since the last picture! I'm starting to get quite least I feel that way :). Most people's reactions are, "Wow, you're not big at all! I can't believe you're that far along." ...which is encouraging I must say. I'm grateful for the compliments! However, I'm certainly learning where I can and can't fit these days...

- behind a chair and the wall.
- close enough to my desk at work to reach the keyboard effectively.
- behind the wheel of my car with a bag of food in my lap...maybe that's a sign for me to stop going through the Sonic drive-thru.
- between the fridge and the corner cabinets to turn on the under-cabinet lighting.

- in a medium t-shirt...alas, it's not the bump but the boobs that get in the way here. Just being honest...and it's quite annoying by the way!
- in my bed with a million pillows propping up every body part that is constantly being pulled to the ground by its sheer weight and capacity.
-  in the recliner sitting be comfortable, gotta recline :) and I have no problem with that! The challenge is to stay awake!

- goucho pants...yep, still rockin' those.
- through a door :) ha.
- it's really not that bad, but I couldn't make a list of categories with only 2 entries. Thus, the lame title of "places I CAN fit". Can we say OCD?

I have no idea what I have and haven't updated since the last post...sorry! I've started my doctor's appointments every 2 weeks and everything is going perfectly. Praise God! Trey and I went to a labor and delivery class and actually enjoyed most of it. Trey, of course, was hesitant (or shall I say "not thrilled at all") to spend 6 hours of his Saturday sitting at a desk learning about what happens to a woman's body. However, I appreciated him going and we were both very glad we attended. I wish I would've written down some of Trey's comments throughout the day, I'm sure you can imagine the amusement he provided :). His biggest amazement was the size that the cervix expands to...oh, this process is going to be entertaining for sure! Our hospital in Huntsville seems like a wonderful place to be and we've only heard good things from my friends who have labored there recently. We'll find out soon!

If you're still reading, I'll reward you with some pics..


 two reasons this picture makes me laugh:
1. Dreya's face...she must have been on the move with a tongue and ears like that!
2. that you can see a picture of G.W. and Laura on the fridge :)

 BEFORE Nursery walls

AFTER Nursery walls (color - Sherwin Williams Sensible Hue). Thanks to mom and dad for doing quite a bit of the painting! Also, not sure why this idea was stuck in my head, but I wanted old barnwood as an accent wall. Found some cedar on craigslist for $60. I wanted to use the whitewashed side, but it didn't look quite right. So Trey and I agreed to use the dark side and it turned out to be exactly what I was imagining in my head. He really had no idea what I was "seeing" but was quite handy in installing it and ended up liking it as much as I did. I was very proud of him!

CRIB (along with mess that needs to be sorted through and put away!)

MY GRANDMOTHER'S GLIDER (that will be painted white and receive new cushions in a grey/white chevron fabric)

CURTAIN FABRIC (yep, still haven't made those yet. on my TO-DO list!)

We have several showers over the next two weeks and I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of friends and family! Thank you to all those who have already been "showering" us!!! We are truly blessed!


  1. You look fantastic, and I LOVE the accent wall. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

  2. I love seeing all the pictures of you and the nursery!!!! Looks great! Can't wait to see you.

  3. You look beautiful!!! Thanks for the update. I miss you!!

  4. That's a fabulous 34 week bump! You look great. The accent wall is really cool (reminds me of something from Pinterest!), and I love the chevron/dot (to-be) curtains. Can't wait to see it all put together with the refinished rocker too!!