Wednesday, December 21, 2011

first baby bump update

since I'm already 16 weeks, I guess I should start posting some details and baby bump pics!

I am feeling absolutely fabulous and not much has changed since before I was pregnant, I'm happy to report. There was a period of about 2 weeks (I think between 8-10 wks, can't remember!) where I just couldn't get enough sleep. It took a while to get going in the morning with a little bit of sickness, but no throwing up. I would sleep under my desk during my lunch break at work :) and then come home with good intentions of cooking dinner but falling asleep on the couch from about 5:30-7:30. There was lots of sleeping going on those days! The little bit of nausea in the mornings was quickly cured with ginger ale and Fritos...a lot of Fritos.

After that passed, it's been great! At my doctor's appointments, the answer to all their questions were "no, no, and nope!" (which is a good thing) The baby's heartbeat is strong and fast. There's been some weight gain...I've never been a fan of the doctor's I think it also doesn't help that I would weigh myself in the morning and then go to the doctor in the afternoon. So, no more scales except at the doctor's office...who cares as long as he says I'm good!

We get an ultrasound on January 5 and find out if little Taylor is a chico or chica. a woo hoo! Trey, of course, says it's a boy. And I kind of agree. However, I also convinced myself for several weeks that I was growing two babies down there. We have no history of twins whatsoever :). God only knows!

I'm 16 weeks tomorrow and I've posted my 14 wk (L) and 16 wk (R) "bumps" below:

Can't wait for the baby to start growing more!

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  1. Congrats Angie,
    I was so excited when we received y'all 's Christmas card. Liz is also pregnant due Aug. 2, 2012. Glad you are feeling good and I look foward to the updates to come.