Thursday, January 5, 2012

bump update

18 weeks...a woo hoo!

This past Sunday I woke up and said, "I just feel bigger today."
Sure enough, my belly has been starting to show more this week!

I'm still feeling great with no real changes from the last update.
Haven't felt the baby move yet.
But I have had two funny dreams :).

Dream #1
I had just had the baby and was pretty much alone in the Rec Center at SHSU.
There was one chick working the check-in desk (who was no real help),
so I went into the dressing room and was freaking out because I had this newborn with no clothes, no diapers, nothing! Then my cousin Jeanne showed up and showed me how to put on a makeshift diaper and I was so thankful she was there.
The dream shifted into a random room of a person's house but it still looked like the rec center. There were cement floors in a empty room with a toilet in the corner. Of course, I started cleaning the toilet, baby still in hand and then...BOOM!
Out of nowhere I dropped the baby flat on its face. Are you kidding me?
I was biggest fear in the world is dropping a baby and I had just dropped my newborn face first into a cement floor.
However, he (boy in this dream) didn't cry at all. He just laid there and said, "Why you gotta be like that?!"
lesson #1 - God was showing me that I need to stop worrying about the safety of my child and that he will be in control. Babies are made to be tough!

Dream #2
We had just had a baby girl and Trey was rocking her to sleep. Then, I wanted to hold her and rocked a little more. She woke up and said she wanted to open presents. Yes, all my dreams include newborn children with complete vocabularies.
We opened gifts for a bit and she said, "ok, turn me back around. I want to go back to sleep." Later, I woke her up and asked if she wanted to do something else...can't remember exactly but apparently it was something fun because her answer was, "Hell yeah!"
 What?! I said, "Did you hear that from your daddy when you were in my belly?!" She confirmed my accusation :).
lesson #2 - I already need to monitor my husband's crazy talk.

Oh the dreams...I'm sure I'll have more of those! So, here's a belly pic. I'm getting bigger...everywhere. I think my tummy might look a little bigger if my boobs weren't sticking out as far as my belly is! Geez!

Stay tuned for the BOY/GIRL debut!!!

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