Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Belly Bump - 20 weeks

the weeks are flying by!
students came back to Sam today for the spring semester and I'm not quite ready :). With soccer season in full swing, I do believe this semester will go by way too fast and June will be here before we know it!

everything is going smoothly in Taylor baby-land. in the mornings I feel normal and by night-time I feel like she gets twice as stomach gets pretty tight. maybe it's all the food I'm eating?! :) While my belly is not growing as fast as I expected, my hips seem to be well on their way to full expansion. boo hips. my back has started to get a little sore so I'm going to look into a prenatal massage. Is it too early for that?

Most people still don't realize I'm 20 weeks along, but I laughed at a women's retreat this weekend when my friend Lynn told me I was waddling a bit. I blame the night-time bump. And Trey laughs at me when I try to get out of his car. It's really not that big of a deal, but a slight "grunt" usually arises as I have to bend quite a bit instead of rolling out as I do in my car. It's slightly uncomfortable to get my socks and shoes on from a standing position, which I've never even thought twice about in the past. Should get pretty interesting as I get bigger...I know Trey will get a kick out of it!

Speaking of kicks, I felt little chica move for the first time on Monday! It was so cool. I have a feeling she's going to be quite the kicker :)

I have another appointment on February 2 and will also start looking at nursery ideas. So fun! We've thought a little about names but haven't spent too much time on it. One of the inmates I enjoy talking with most at the prison told me we should tell all the guys to put name suggestions in a box. Then, we'll pray over the names and use whatever name we pull out first :). He got really tickled about that idea...but hey, we might get a lot of interesting name suggestions!

When do you feel is the appropriate time to share baby name options or the chosen baby name?

Alas...a 20-week [night-time ;)] bump:

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  1. I think you can share the baby name any time you like. Tully was named before he was even conceived, and we announced it when I said I was pregnant. But I know it could be fun to keep the name secret until the baby is born too!