Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Everything's Bigger in Texas

Well, maybe everything's just bigger when you have a big dog. Did I say big? Right now as a puppy, I can correctly estimate Dreya as BIG. She can easily reach my shoulders to get her dog bone. She can already sniff and search the edge of the kitchen countertops. She can push my 4 year old nephew over with a slight touch of paw. That was funny. Don't worry...we'll teach her otherwise as we start obedience lessons.

Within the next year, I believe I will have to change my terminology to colossal. That might be the perfect word. :) For now, we will enjoy her puppy days...

*taking a nap right in the middle of the action*

*first encounter with a small child*

*Chase loves being locked in the cage with Dreya. He doesn't even have to duck to enter!*

We are certainly enjoying Miss Dreya!

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