Friday, July 2, 2010

The Taylor Family is Growing!

...and it's not even going to take 9 months! Our new addition is already here :)

Please welcome...DREYA!

Hi, my name is Dreya. I am a Great Dane and I am 4 months old.
Can you believe how BIG I am already?!

I grew up in Shepherd, TX.
This is my mom, Chloe. She weighs 140 pounds and runs like a horse:

This is my dad, Drake:

These are my parents playing with their owner.
I think I'm going to grow up to be big and tall like they are!

After I said goodbye to mom and dad, I chilled with my new dad on the way back to my new home in Huntsville. I think I'm really going to love it! I was a little scared at first and peed as soon as I walked in the door. It's ok though, I knew dad would clean it I did it again in the kitchen. I was a little embarassed because I'm potty trained already...just had to get over my nerves in my new casa. Then I went outside with dad and took a big stinky poo. He laughed and was in shock about the damage I could do. Hehe.

Then, I checked out the joint...not too shabby! I needed to know every area because I get to stay inside. Sweet!

I thought for sure mom would put me in the back yard because she has really shiny hard wood floors, but she's a pretty cool chick and totally trusts me to not scratch them :). I'm doing really good so far. It's super slippery and I'm still learning how to use my lanky legs.

Speaking of lanky...I'm growing really fast. Did I tell you I already weigh 52 pounds?! I've got a lot of lovin' to share and that's exactly what I do. These are my top 3 ways to show how much I love people:

1. I love to lick mom's face and give her big hugs. She said it's the best hug she's ever had!

2. I love to snuggle. Anytime. Anywhere. When I get really comfortable, I doze off a little. It's kind of embarassing when I start snoring like a man...but I just can't help it!

3. I love to be near you and will follow you wherever you go. Especially dad...I don't really like if he goes outside to talk on the phone and doesn't take me with him. Not cool. And don't expect me to play outside if you're not even going to watch me!

I think my new mom and dad have a pretty sweet deal. I'm so much fun to be around and am pretty entertaining. I don't stink and don't really get the house dirty. I don't chew on anything. Well, that's not entirely true...I do like socks. The only person that sheds in the house is my dad :). I also sleep through the whole night. They woke me up this morning and it took me a while to find my bearings. It probably looked kind of funny.

I can't wait to meet you someday and play with you and love on you! Please come visit me and you can play with me and my favorite duck in the back yard!

I love my new family. I think I might even be able to talk them into getting me another friend to play with...I'm talking doggies here people! No babies yet! Pretty sure I'm going to rule the roost for a while...they love me!

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  1. Elle is precious. I want to meet her soon! Having 2 dogs is easier than 1... they entertain each other when you're away. After all, it takes both parents working to feed them!! Congrats on your addition :)