Wednesday, September 1, 2010

always, sometimes, never

Levrets posted this last month & I'm following suit!

leave the kitchen nightlight on when we have overnight guests.
apply deodorant directly after showering, even if it's at night.
watch HGTV on saturday morning.
ask my hairstylist to cut "just a little more" off the back.
enjoy playing games with Trey.
clean the lint filter after doing laundry.
pick peppermint over spearmint.

stay in bed longer than I should in the mornings.
hit the "divert" button on incoming calls at work.
don't take a shower every day...just not my favorite thing to do!
let Dreya lick the batter bowl.
laugh when people fall down.
lie about the above statement...i always laugh.
only put socks half-way on...I like my heels on the cold floor.

mow the yard these days, and i miss that! (thanks hubby)
go to bed without charging my cell phone.
cook dinner and leave the kitchen dirty.
dust the house on a regular basis.
skip on reading instructions.
walk on sidewalk cracks.
let Dreya go to bed without snuggling first.

1 comment:

  1. i miss you and your cleaning up after every meal...okay who am i kidding, i do that too...i mean how can you leave dirty dishes out everywhere? but i still miss you.