Monday, May 9, 2011

projects here and there

you may remember a while back when I said I would finish something.
...and I did! I just didn't get around to showing you guys on here :).

So, if you love before and after pics as much as I do, by all means...

bought this little jewel for $30 in a Corsicana antique store

of course, Dreya wanted in the picture

spray painted it off-white...super easy and quick

picked out this lovely fabric to recover the cushion 

made a pillow for kicks

...and oh yeah.
just realized I don't have the "after" pic on this download. lo siento!
you'll have to check back later :)

moving on.

and realizing I don't have the "before" pic for these next two items. sticky note that!

this monster was a hand me down from my sister's cousin-in-laws. just imagine classic early 90s woodgrain and brass.
saw it, sand it, paint it, and voila!
(got to use my circ saw on this one to reconstruct the top. heart.) 

 add nickel-plated hardware...and done.

this medium to large sized mirror was my grandmothers.
it had a brassy/gold ornate thing going on. 

again, whipped out the spray paint one Sunday afternoon
and this is what we got!

Chabby-chic for sure!

p.s. that chair was one of my first projects

that's all for now! Trey and I pasted some allen+roth textured wallpaper this weekend on an accent wall in the guest bedroom. it's awesome, I must say...and quite a bit less labor-intensive than we expected. sweet. I'm almost done painting...color is sea sprite

All the elements shown above are in that room. stay tuned for a semi-reveal!


  1. cute! can you come to my house please?

  2. before pics with no afters?! afters with no befores? ahhh!! the suspense is killing me :)

  3. You are so creative and good at getting things done.